This is an incredible story that comes to us from Canada. Thanks to her car, Debbie Onishenko found a compatible kidney donor. As our colleagues from Radio Canada report, the 62-year-old woman had been waiting for a kidney transplant for several months. And for good reason, the Canadian from Saskatoon, in the province of Saskatchewan, has suffered from diabetes since the age of 13. This serious chronic disease, which results in excess sugar in the blood, ended up damaging his kidneys. They were only working at 9%. Faced with this urgent situation, she took matters into her own hands.

Determined to find a kidney, Debbie stuck a huge message in white print on the back window of her car. “Need a kidney, group O. Give the one you have in reserve” could be read on the inscription. Over the days, the sexagenarian has been contacted by several people. Her life changed when a certain Brent Kruger called her. Touched by what she was going through, the man did not hesitate to offer her his organ. “For me, it was clear that I had to do it. Especially if there was a chance that I was compatible. Otherwise, I would not have been able to look at myself in the mirror” he confided to CTV News .

Kidney transplant already planned

More emotional than ever, Debbie met Brent in January 2023. “The first thing we did was hug. We were crying, it was really amazing to see each other in person after all our exchanges by telephone or by messages” she said. Shortly after, the latter underwent a panoply of tests to determine if he was an eligible donor. At the end of these numerous examinations, the duo received good news. At the beginning of February, the doctors announced that the operation would indeed take place. This has also been set for February 28.

A woman waiting for a kidney transplant finds a donor thanks to her car


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