It was on TikTok that a mother told a story that was both rare and terrifying. Bethany Collins, 23, recently gave birth to a baby girl named Phoebe Belle in Indiana. The delivery of the little one was particularly long. Besides, the doctors gave Bethany Collins a drug stimulating uterine contractions. Except the labor wasn’t progressing and the baby’s heart rate was starting to slow. The medicine just started the contractions, but the cervix hadn’t opened.

Fortunately, the cervix eventually opened and Bethany Collins was ordered to push hard. Something she does immediately. Except here, something strange is happening in his eye. “I heard a ‘pop’ and asked the doctor, ‘Is my eyeball still in my head?’ eyes and everything was blurry. I felt so much pressure in my left eye, but I pushed again for the third time and my daughter came out.”

His eye didn’t pop out of his head

Bethany Collins’ eye did pop out of its socket, but didn’t propel away from her head. Certainly, what happened is terrifying, but we are still far from the horror movie scene. In fact, his eye was just slightly past his eyelid. “I asked my husband, ‘Is my eyeball really in my head? It can’t be – I feel a lot of pressure and I can hardly see, there’s something wrong.’ He replied that he was sticking out more than the other, but what not was not too serious,” says Bethany Collins.

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out overnight. An ophthalmologist was therefore called to examine his eye. The specialist admitted that he had never seen that. “The final verdict was that there was just a lot of pressure from the force of the pushes, so we had to wait and see if he got back into place,” according to Bethany Collins. Good news, everything worked out. “I noticed improvements after two weeks and it was as if I had a coquard. It was protuberant and swollen”, still according to her. It was only after six weeks of waiting that everything was back to normal.

A woman pushes so much during childbirth that her eye is gone! © Pexels

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