Shocking! It is in Glenrothes, in the United Kingdom, that this story reported by the Daily Mail took place. Indeed, Hayley Dunn, 50, greatly contributed to the conviction of her pedophile husband. The husband, James Kemp, 45, sent explicit photos of his penis to underage girls. However, behind these profiles were hiding pedophile hunters. This is how the latter were able to go back to the home of Hayley Dunn accusing her husband of “sex crimes”.

Hayley Dunn was very shocked by the situation. A shock all the more intense when the authorities showed her photos of her husband’s virility, which she immediately recognized. This is how his world suddenly collapsed. “I was physically sick, I cried, I fell to the ground – I was so shocked and broken,” she said.

The couple are still together

Following this case, James Kemp was arrested a few months later. He was later jailed for 18 months after he admitted trying to send ‘sexual communications to underage girls’. Kemp was also placed on the sex offender registry for 10 years. Despite this affair, the couple is still married since James Kemp refuses to divorce and Hayley Dunn would be on edge in the face of this situation. Hayley Dunn and James Kemp met on the internet through a dating application in February 2017. Things quickly followed one another since only six months after their meeting, they decided to get married. “James Kemp deceived everyone,” said the devastated woman.

A woman forced to identify her husband's penis for a terrible reason

A woman forced to identify her husband’s penis for a terrible reason © Pexels

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