More fear than harm. A resident of Toulouse, François, aged 73, had the fear of her life when she went to walk her dog on Thursday January 20, around 10 p.m. Present on RTL, she recounted the attack of which she was the victim, mentioning above all the culprit, already known to the police. Because it was Jérémy Rimbaud who attacked her, the one who was nicknamed “the cannibal of the Pyrenees” and who had already killed a 90-year-old man in 2013. “I was going out to walk my dog, I heard someone a run. I turned around and it was this guy coming with a huge stick up. And then he started beating me. I screamed, I protected my head with my arms, because he was hitting on the head”. Fortunately for Françoise, neighbors quickly came to her aid and then called the police.

The culprit, Jérémy Rimbaud, is a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, where he was traumatized. After leaving the army in 2013, he returned to his family village and it was there that he attacked a 90-year-old man by breaking into his home. He killed him with an iron bar before ripping out his heart and tongue, which he cooked and then ate. He also assaulted a farmer on his way out of the crime scene. The latter, Jean, also testified at the microphone of RTL. “His look and the way he proceeded was a ball of nerves. Eight years later, he wants to continue to kill. We can’t get him back, it’s unfortunate but he will never change” a-t- he explained with reference to the January 20, 2022 attack.

The “cannibal of the Pyrenees” remained free for several hours

Since 2013, Jérémy Rimbaud has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and was confined to the Marchant hospital in Toulouse when he escaped on January 20, in circumstances that the police are trying to clarify. After having wandered in the city center of Toulouse for almost 6 hours and covered 7 kilometers, the “cannibal of the Pyrenees” finally took action by attacking Françoise. It was only after the attack that he could be located despite the efforts of health personnel and the police after his escape. Finally, the reasons why Jérémy Rimbaud was transferred from the psychiatric center in Cadillac where he was interned to a public hospital in Toulouse, from which he was able to escape, have not been revealed.

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