This unusual scene is top trending on TikTok. It must be said that it is not every day that a wedding takes place this way. On the occasion of the most beautiful day of their life, a young couple decided to impose a theme on all their guests. Sequins? Pink ? Jungle? It is not so. The bride and groom have decided to organize an evening… funeral. What create the amazement of their families and their friends, who did not hesitate to immortalize this totally improbable moment by broadcasting videos on their social networks.

The arrival of the groom directly set the scene. The latter arrived locked in a coffin carried by his witnesses to the altar, where his future wife was waiting for him. “Is this a funeral? No, that’s how my friend decided to walk down the aisle,” user Tobz88 posted on his Tik Tok account. Within hours, this short clip quickly went viral, garnering over 8.1 million views and hundreds of reactions.

A wedding ceremony on the theme… of the funeral

However, the sequence of events was not the strangest. The costumes of all the guests were classic, only the black chairs could recall a funeral. Neither did the place of the ceremony, nestled in the middle of nature. However, the video on Tik Tok has aroused many controversies in comments. “They were all so embarrassed, I would be embarrassed too” or “the only explanation would be that life was not worth living until he met her?”, could we read. Brilliant or very bad idea?

A wedding and a funeral? Groom shocks wedding guests

A wedding or a funeral? © Pexels

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