This tragedy reported by Mirror took place in Leicester on August 14th. Sara Moosa, a 10-month-old baby girl, was in the tub with her two siblings. The mother of three children had left the tap open without a cap. As she was bathing them, one of the twins asked his mother to fetch his shark toy. The mother then ran and left the room. Unfortunately, during this time, another plastic toy got stuck in the drain hole. Which filled the tub.

Horror picture! On her return, this mother had found the twins standing while the 10-month-old was lying on the side of the bathtub. Her head under water, little Sara Moosa drowned in only 15 cm of water. It wasn’t until the Leicester Royal Infirmary that Sara Moosa was pronounced dead. A post-mortem examination was performed. This led to the conclusion that the child of only 10 months had died by drowning.

They still tried to save little Sara

“Sara and her two siblings were in the bath with the water running, but without a hold,” summed up the justice officer, Isobel Thistlethwaite. After seeing the baby drowned in the bathtub, the family immediately called 999. With the instructions of the paramedics, the mother did try to perform cardiac massage. After the arrival of the help, the paramedics took over by taking the little one in an ambulance while continuing the resuscitation. Unfortunately, little Sara could not be saved. “No concerns were raised by the police after an inspection of the scene,” said Miss Thistlethwaite, concluding that the death was accidental.

A toy blocks the drain in the bathtub, the bath turns into a tragedy

A toy blocks the drain of the bathtub, the bath turns tragic © Pexels

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