This Monday, October 17, the lives of two parents have turned into horror. Shortly after 1 p.m. that day, a three-year-old child died in the North. According to the first elements, he would have fallen into the void from his parents’ apartment, located on the 10th floor of a building. The mayor of the city Pierre Béharelle told our colleagues from Paris, the circumstances of this tragic death: “He would have liked to follow or catch up with the cat in the apartment”. The fire department was immediately called.

Unfortunately, the young boy could not be revived by the firefighters and the Samu. “According to the first elements of the investigation, the cat must have been on the edge when it fell into the void. He too did not survive”, explain our colleagues. “From a safety point of view, the window was at the right height, there should be no problem, explains the mayor. There was a small piece of furniture under the window which could have allowed him to climb up to height of the animal”.

Parents hospitalized

The parents who were present during the tragedy could not do anything. They were taken care of by the emergency services, devastated by the loss of their only child. “They would have moved into this accommodation a few weeks ago and were still little known in the town, which is still in shock”. “Among others, a man who witnessed the fall of the victim from his window. The director was particularly shocked. This particularly shakes the neighborhood. It’s a very difficult time to live,” reports the mayor. According to the latter, “the lessor will offer new accommodation to the bruised parents in order to avoid living again in this apartment which could remind them of the tragedy of this Monday.”

A three-year-old child wants to save his cat and falls from the 10th floor

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