JaShyah, a 14-year-old American teenager living in East Orange, New Jersey, has been wanted since mid-October. A month after her disappearance, the teenager is found in New York thanks to a witness who recognized her although she has changed her appearance. On the day of her disappearance, JaShyah went shopping and lost the card the family uses for groceries. After her mother told her to find the card, JaShyah left, never to come back.

According to the explanations of the police relayed by Paris Match, the teenager had run away and had settled in a refuge in Brooklyn. “To escape those who might have recognized her, JaShyah reportedly cut her hair. But a witness nonetheless crossed her path and saw her face, calling the police immediately,” the magazine reported. Theodore Stevens, the Essex County District Attorney, told reporters: “At this point I can’t comment except that this young woman seemed to have run away and she didn’t want to be recognized.”

Arrested, mother says she was investigated by the FBI

JaShyah’s mother was arrested hours after she was found. Paris Match recalls that JaShyah’s mother declared that her daughter “did not run away, she was kidnapped”. Currently, JaShyah and her little brother are being taken out of their mother’s care by social services. During her investigation, the mother of two said she was questioned by the FBI. His DNA was taken from him and put through a lie detector test according to Paris Match. “Photos and videos relating to a case of violence involving her ex-husband, a police officer in East Orange” can be found on JaShyah’s mother’s phone, according to WPIX.

JaShyah Moore © Dailymail

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