The terrible scene was filmed and posted on social networks. In Florida, a 9-year-old girl attending Coconut Palm K-8 Academy in Homestead was severely assaulted by a 15-year-old while riding the school bus. As the images of the attack show, the young man punched him several times in the head and chest under the indifferent gaze of their comrades, none of whom intervened to put an end to this excess of violence. Worse, some began to applaud and encourage the acts of the aggressor.

Following the assault, the 15-year-old was given a report. However, Miami-Dade County District Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said the punishment was “not” severe enough. “We believe, based on the evidence and the circumstances, that the use of a charge sheet is inconsistent with the level of violence witnessed by the 15-year-old against his much younger and smaller victim,” she said. . As a result, he was charged with felony assault.”

Mom of girl, 9, mercilessly pummeled by a 15-year-old boy on a Florida school bus releases photos of her head and torso covered in bruises and says she hopes the attacker ‘receives the re…via https://t .co/XoxEcXA3ux

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Children attacked “without any reason”

At this time, the circumstances of the attack are unknown. According to the victim’s mother, however, excessive violence is commonplace in this school, where her three children are educated. Her 10-year-old son was also allegedly assaulted on the bus “for no reason”. She hopes today that the indictment of the attacker of her daughter will serve as an example and will make it possible to solve the problems of violence within this Florida establishment.

“I just hope he gets the care he needs. I think the violence with which he attacked my daughter was unnecessary.” And to add, alarmed by the indifference of the other children and adults present on board the bus. “It’s crazy because while all this was going on, there were two adults on the bus – but the driver and his assistant always sit at the front of the bus. (…) The problem has to be taken in hand. Our children are in danger at school, where adults are counted on to do their job. It is unjustifiable. (…) Our children need to know that violence solves nothing .”

A teenager beats up a 9-year-old girl on the bus, the attitude of the other children is incomprehensible

The assault took place on a school bus. © Pexels

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