“Jonas died in silence, slowly,” writes the newspaper Le Parisien. The 15-year-old teenager was found dead on April 25, 2022, in an apartment in Bobigny, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Rescuers found him unresponsive after a call from his mother who said her son had collapsed during the night. After prolonged police custody, the 62-year-old mother was indicted for “aggravated neglect of a person unable to protect himself” but did not recognize the facts, specifies the Bobigny prosecution cited by the daily.

Jonah had disappeared

According to the first elements of the investigation, Jonas had “a degraded state of health” and “his mother ensured that he did not receive treatment”, affirms the prosecution. In the weeks before his death, Jonas was no longer in school and his family had no news of him. As for his mother, she didn’t open the door of the apartment when his father came to visit his son and barely answered calls from Jonas’ big sister.

Worried, his father had even “filed a handrail for non-presentation of a child”, reveals Le Parisien. But the police found the door closed. In denial, the mother was unable to give investigators the exact date of her son’s death. Only the autopsy will reveal a little more about the mysterious death of this teenager.

In the meantime, her father, still in shock, is trying to find explanations for this tragedy. He had noticed that something was wrong lately. “His mother told me he was tired and resting,” he told Le Parisien newspaper during a rally in honor of his son. He regrets that the police didn’t break down the apartment door to save Jonas.

A strangely discreet mother suspected of having left her 15-year-old son to die © Pixabay

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