A strange animal, half shark, half pig, discovered in Italy

The naval officers of Portoferraio must have been very surprised on August 19. While in the open sea, off the island of Elba in Italy, the men see a floating animal. He then recovers the lifeless creature which is none other than an Oxynotus centrina. This species of shark is also called pigfish. Because ? Its head, which does resemble that of a mammal, as well as its grunt similar to that of the pig it emits when it comes to the surface. If the creature fished from Italian water was only one meter long, the fish can usually reach 150 centimeters in adulthood. Generally, it lives up to 700 meters deep in the East Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. It is only recently, and probably because of global warming, that it has been seen in the Mediterranean. Classified as “vulnerable” by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Oxynotus centrina is becoming increasingly rare and could well disappear one day.

As reported by La Stampa, the fish caught last August was handed over by naval officers to the harbor master’s office for study. Under the photos posted on September 3 on Facebook, everyone has commented on the funny animal. “Nature is really amazing,” comments one. “This fish looks like a shark, a turtle and a bat at the same time,” laughs another. But most still admit to being saddened by the animal’s death.

Human-toothed fish found earlier in America

Earlier, in early August, another strange creature had been found, off the coast of California this time. A fishing enthusiast then hauled up a 9kg fish from his line with real human teeth. About thirty teeth, in total, were lined up in the animal’s mouth. The Facebook post with the pictures of the fish had been shared thousands of times and had piqued the curiosity of amused users.

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