“A simple migraine”: sent home after a night of observation, a girl dies the next day

A misdiagnosis with tragic consequences. In Dumfries, Scotland, Theia Mckie, 7, went to hospital because she was suffering from severe headaches. Admitted this Monday, November 15 to the Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary, she spent the night there under observation before the doctors decided the next day that she could leave the establishment. Despite the persistent pain, they had diagnosed a “simple migraine”, reports the Times.

But according to her mother Tracey’s testimony, the little girl was in tremendous pain, so much so that she screamed “whenever she was exposed to bright light” and “kept throwing up”. “Our little one is back, but she is not better. They say it is a migraine while she is in agony”, wrote the mother of the family. Theia Mckie finally died the next day, Wednesday November 17.

The family does not wish to blame the hospital

Devastated by the disappearance of her little girl, the mother thanked those who showed their support and paid tribute to her on Facebook. “She was bright, funny, full of life, always smiling, she loved to sing, dance , to draw, she just loved to love! She was the very essence of life, “wrote the mom. For now, the family does not wish to blame the hospital, nor to indulge in any speculation about the causes of Theia’s death. However, she is impatiently awaiting the conclusions of the autopsy which must be delivered in the coming days.

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