A call for help. In 2021, Judith Chemla had given up climbing the famous steps of the Cannes Film Festival, when she played one of the main roles in the film My brothers and me, presented on the Croisette. The reason for this absence? The actress had filed a complaint against her ex-companion, the director of the feature film Yohan Manca, for acts of violence. But almost a year later, the report has apparently given nothing. Indeed, this Monday, July 4, Judith Chemla published terrible photos accompanied by a moving text.

On the pictures, we thus discover the face of the 37-year-old actress, covered with bruises following the blows that her former companion allegedly inflicted on her. In caption of the photos of her swollen face, Judith Chemla accused the father of her youngest daughter of continuing “to try to harm [him]”. “He should be ashamed today, a year later, instead of continuing to pressure me, to think that he still has the means to manipulate me, instead of rotting my child’s head he should be ashamed and to be discreet, to really seek to be forgiven. This is not the case”, wrote the actress, who says she is “at the end”, and wonders how to succeed in getting out of this nightmare.

Judith Chemla: “What does it take to make him leave me alone?”

“Going back to the police station a 3rd time? Filing a 3rd complaint in 1 year? Being in the film industry, and having the sword of Damocles of 8 months in prison suspended… is that not enough? What does it take to “Leave me alone? Really go to jail? He will still play the victim to my daughter and she will suffer from not seeing her father. Should I keep this to myself? He will still feel above the law will continue to complain and challenge court decisions with his 5-year-old daughter who he sees as a normal father who he is not. He will continue to believe that he is able to put pressure on me and to harass me morally”, she lamented, visibly helpless in the face of this situation.

In conclusion, Judith Chemla simply demands “to have peace”, and insists on the fact that “those who are able to do that, they must be out of harm’s way. But how? I don’t have not ashamed of this photo. But he should be ashamed”. In legend of this publication, the actress has received a huge wave of support, especially from other artists, extremely touched by his testimony. “My love courage we will call it”, for example wrote Céline Sallette. “I love you my doll. My courageous”, reacted for her part Géraldine Nakache, while the singer Juliette Armanet wrote: “You have all my support. What hell”.

Judith Chemla © COADIC GUIREC


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