A tragic accident. This Saturday, May 8, in a residential area of ​​Buenos Aires, three French women were hit by a taxi driver who had just become unwell at the wheel. One of them, a 25-year-old student, died of her injuries on Sunday May 8. According to the director of the hospital, she suffered from a serious head trauma, and lost her life in the operating room. The two other victims of the accident were still hospitalized on Sunday, including one in intensive care for a broken pelvis.

The deceased young woman, Lwana Bichet, had been living in the Argentine capital for three months, like the two other French women. She was there as part of a university exchange from the private University of San Andrés, according to local authorities. Before studying business, the young woman had been educated at the Lycée Marguerite de Valois in Angoulême, reports the daily La Nacion.

Taxi driver with stroke

After mowing down the French women who were crossing an avenue in the Palermo district, the taxi, out of control, hit two cars. When help arrived, the driver “had lost consciousness”, said Alberto Crescenti, director of medical emergencies in Buenos Aires. “We don’t know if he had a heart attack first and then a stroke or if the stroke happened before, it’s a combination of pathologies,” he added. He added that the driver was taken to hospital and was “under mechanical respiratory assistance with a guarded prognosis”.

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