Evan Rachel Wood is making new revelations about the alleged sexual assault she suffered from her ex Brian Warner, better known to all as Marilyn Manson. In the documentary titled Phoenix Rising, the Westworld star claims the musician raped her while filming the music video for the title track Heart-Shaped Glasses. The actress declares “to have been forced to sleep for commercial purposes under false pretenses.”

Actress Evan Rachel Wood recounts this supposed intolerable event as the first crime that Marilyn Manson committed against her: “It was nothing like I had imagined. We did things that were never mentioned to me … We had talked about a fake sex scene, but once the cameras rolled he started penetrating me for real. I never agreed to that. I am a professional actress, I I’ve done this all my life; I’ve never been on a set that went the opposite of professional until this day.”

Marilyn Manson denies raping Evan Rachel Wood

In the wake of these allegations, Marilyn Manson spoke out to deny the latest charges against him. The singer’s lawyer replied on behalf of his client that these statements would constitute “only a shameless lie easy to discredit, because there are multiple witnesses.” The rep goes on to retort that Marilyn Manson “didn’t sleep with Evan on set, and she knows that’s the truth (…) Evan was consistent and invested during the three days of taping but also very involved during the weeks of pre-production and post-production to do the editing. The simulated sex scene was shot for hours with a large number of takes, different angles and several long breaks between camera installations”. As a reminder, Marilyn Manson is now accused by at least fifteen women of sexual assault.

Evan Rachel Wood denounces Marilyn Manson © Backgrid USA

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