On August 28, 2018, Gabrielle returned home to her apartment in the 10th arrondissement of Paris after a lunch at the restaurant. Gabrielle, an assumed name, was paying no mind to the man who entered after her and shared the same elevator up to her second-floor apartment. According to Gabrielle’s account reported by Le Parisien, the serial rapist would have rushed on her as she closed the door. The rapist manages to enter, closes the door behind him and begins to brutalize the young woman of 21 years while the latter tries to negotiate and gain time.

“I have the marks of his fingers on my face, he squeezed so much, I couldn’t breathe,” says Gabrielle. The man allegedly raped Gabrielle in the bathroom. She was no match for her rapist, whom she describes as “a giant with an athletic build”. The young woman manages to save time by pretending to agree to have sex on the condition of using condoms. The man loses patience as Gabrielle searches for the so-called condoms and drags her into the bathroom again to rape her. The assailant only stopped when he heard the voice of Mother Gabrielle who had just entered. “Surprised, the aggressor then flees. “In his haste, he drops jogging pants in the pocket of which a phone is discovered,” says Le Parisien.

A serial rapist who should have been arrested by now

The cell phone of the rapist made it possible to determine his identity, a certain Mamadou N. who is currently 41 years old. The latter is a Senegalese who is already the subject of arrest warrants in Italy because of rapes. Mamadou N., 37 at the time, raped other women using the same modus operandi in Paris and Lille. Three weeks before Gabrielle’s rape, the rapist had already been taken into police custody in Lille, but the case was dismissed after a confrontation with the victim was made. Le Parisien specifies that the serial rapist was tried on Friday April 1, 2022 in his absence.

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