Jeffrey Burnham, a 46-year-old American, was arrested on October 1. He is suspected of having stolen a car and killed three people in Maryland (United States) on September 30. According to Paris Match, police first discovered the lifeless body of 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds at her home. It was his car that was stolen. The latter is found two hours away, not far from the home of Brian and Kelly Robinette, respectively Jeffrey’s brother and sister-in-law. They were both shot.

Jeffrey was arrested 300 kilometers from the scene of the tragedy, aboard his brother’s Corvette with a gun in the trunk of the vehicle. A real manhunt had been engaged after the call of a witness to the police.

Three murders committed to thwart a so-called government plot

“Brian knows something!” This is what Jeffrey Burnham had said several times about his older brother, before he was found shot dead alongside his wife. The 58-year-old man worked as a pharmacist. Jeffrey was convinced: his brother was part of the government conspiracy to poison people with the Covid-19 vaccine. Since the start of the pandemic, rumors and false information about anti-covid-19 vaccines have circulated widely. And this despite the overwhelming scientific evidence.

For now, Jeffrey Burnham has been indicted but has not yet pleaded guilty or not guilty. He is still presumed innocent and awaits trial. “We are currently meeting with our client and reviewing the evidence. We will have no further comment until this process is completed,” his lawyers told media.

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