Peter Eades, 77, is familiar with animals. The retiree, living in Albany, Australia, is an alpaca breeder. Peter Eades also kept a kangaroo as a pet. Which turned out to be a very bad idea. On Sunday September 11, the pensioner was savagely attacked by his kangaroo. According to The Sun, the kangaroo was so furious that rescuers were unable to enter the elderly man’s property. Finally, the rescuers had to call the police to enter the residence. Believing the furious marsupial posed a threat to rescuers, authorities put the animal down.

It is learned that the 77-year-old farmer kept the 3-year-old kangaroo as a pet and cared for him when he was just a baby kangaroo – a joey. According to the statement from WA Police on Monday September 12, 2022, his fatal attack by the angry kangaroo took place early in the day. “The kangaroo posed an ongoing threat to emergency responders and officers present had to euthanize the kangaroo by firearm. It is believed the man had been attacked by the kangaroo earlier in the day,” authorities said. .

Kangaroo attacks are not uncommon

Unfortunately, Mr. Eades’ kangaroo attacked him to death although no one witnessed the scene. Kangaroo attacks are quite common in Australia, but they are very rarely fatal. In addition, The Sun recalls that William Cruickshank was the last person attacked by a kangaroo to have lost his life. The 38-year-old had suffered a broken jaw as well as serious head injuries. But his deadly altercation with one of his fiery marsupials dates back 100 years.

A septuagenarian chooses a kangaroo as a “pet”, he will pay dearly for it

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