Prince William is clear: his uncle will never be part of the British monarchy again. Accused of sexual assault on minors, Prince Andrew was stripped of his titles a few months ago. And if he still cherishes the hope of being able to become an active member of the British royal family again, this is not at all the opinion of the future king. “There is no way he will come back, the family will never let him happen,” a source told The Times. According to the newspaper, a friend of Prince William said the Duke of Cambridge, in particular, was “not a fan of his uncle Andrew”. For Kate Middleton’s husband, Prince Andrew represents “a risk and a threat” to the monarchy: “Any suggestion of a lack of gratitude to the institution and anything that could lead the public to believe that members of the royal family are not grateful for their position. He thinks it is dangerous. “

Yet Prince Andrew is still hoping. And the latest news is not going to change his mind. On Sunday October 10, the British police announced that it was no longer the subject of investigations. “The officers of the Metropolitan Police Department analyzed a document published in August 2021 as part of civil proceedings in the United States, said the police. This analysis is now complete and we are not taking any further action.” The authorities have assured that they continue to cooperate with the services, in particular the American ones, which continue to investigate various aspects of the Epstein affair. A few weeks ago, Virginia Giuffre had filed a complaint in court in Manhattan, United States against Prince Andrew, “one of the powerful men” to whom she was “handed over for sexual purposes”. The facts would have occurred between 2000 and 2002.

Prince Andrew: his lawyer paid by Elizabeth II

According to his complaint, Prince Andrew would have abused her on three occasions: in London at Ghislaine Maxwell, the girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein, and in the properties of Jeffrey Epstein in New York and in the Virgin Islands. In the past, she had testified many times against Prince Andrew, claiming to have had sex with him on several occasions when she was a minor, which the latter has always denied. If the English police have stopped their investigations, Prince Andrew will have to answer questions from American justice. As Le Point reveals, to defend himself the Duke of York decided to hire a famous lawyer … paid by Elizabeth II since Eugenie and Beatrice’s father is ruined. After playing cat and mouse for a long time, he has finally accepted the legal documents and has until October 29 to respond to them.

Prince William © Agency

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