Interactions with animals don’t always end in the best way. Besides, some encounters are deadly. This was the case of this 70-year-old woman who was killed by an elephant. This tragedy took place in India, in the state of Odisha. Indeed, the septuagenarian, Maya Murmu, was drawing water when she was attacked by this elephant. The animal then trampled on her. Which was fatal to him!

After this attack, Maya Murmu was quickly taken to the hospital. Only she succumbed to her injuries, Lopamudra Nayak, a police officer, told Press Trust of India on Saturday, June 11. This is a real tragedy that took place in a country where elephants are revered by the population.

The elephant came back to trample the corpse

Although Maya Murmu had already died following the attack of the elephant, the latter did not stop there. Indeed, on the same day, the members of the family of the deceased had prepared her funeral. During the performance of the last rites, the elephant again appeared. He again attacked the corpse of Maya Murmu by lifting and throwing it violently. Afterwards, the animal trampled on him again under the shocked gaze of his family, reports The Independent. The media explains that the behavior of the animal remains a mystery until now.

Elephant © Pixabay


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