This is an extraordinary case that took place in the town of Attendorn, Germany. On Friday September 23, an eight-year-old girl was discovered kidnapped in her grandparents’ house. According to the German media Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, she would never have seen the light of day and would have spent her whole life locked up.

It all started in 2014. That year, the mother of the newborn would have announced to the father, with whom she had separated, that she intended to leave to live in Italy. Since then, he would have seen him several times in the German city and none of his packages would have been delivered to Italy. Faced with her questions, the Italian authorities had informed the German police that the mother and her daughter did not live on their territory.

The little girl would never have left her grandparents’ house

Friday September 23, the investigators went to the grandparents of the little girl where they made an astonishing discovery. Inside the house, the now eight-year-old girl was in a disturbing state. After being picked up by the child welfare office and placed in a foster home, she reportedly said she had never seen the forest, the fields, or even gotten in a car.

According to the first reports, the little girl would have probably spent her whole life locked up and an investigation has been opened for deprivation of liberty and ill-treatment inflicted on a dependent. Regarding the child’s state of health, there would be no evidence of physical abuse or malnutrition. While the girl’s grandparents and mother declined to comment, several neighbors said they had never seen a single child in their home. The investigation is now continuing to shed light on this story.

A recluse for 8 years, a little girl would never have left her grandparents' house

Little girl © Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

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