It was time for confidence for Elodie Frégé. In the podcast Contre-addictions presented by Rose, the singer confided in her consumption of alcohol and made disturbing revelations. Indeed, she revealed that she could not go on stage without drinking a small drop of alcohol. “I have a real addiction that lasts until then, but for now it’s not a problem, or I hide my face, it’s that I can’t go on stage without drinking. So that , I don’t think I ever said that in an interview,” she said. If for the moment the companion of Grégory Nicolaïdis is not worried about his alcohol consumption, she wonders however about his behavior in the event of an increase in concerts. “It’s nothing, it’s two drinks, but it’s two drinks… So if I had a lot of success and had concerts every night, would I be an alcoholic? Really, it’s terrible! “, she wondered.

Elodie Frégé: this small molecule that helps her get better

Note that during her time on the airwaves, Elodie Frégé also confided in taking cortisone in the event of fatigue. “Sometimes I don’t even have a tired throat or anything, but I’ll take my little pill of (…) 20 milligrams, so it’s nothing,” she said. However, it should be remembered that this is not without consequences. Rose, has also explained, specifying to have “used” and “abused”. Result: she was “operated several times” to remove “fairly serious polyps”. Between alcohol and cortisone, will the winner of Star Academy 3 succeed in getting rid of it? Especially since she had a lot of trouble slipping into the skin of the “new fashionable starlet” as her label expected. “You, by the fact of having lived this experience at Star Academy which is a magnificent test which allows you to learn a lot about yourself, finally you no longer want to do what they want to hear,” she concluded.

"A real addiction": Elodie Frégé makes worrying confidences about her alcohol consumption

Elodie Frégé © Christophe Clovis

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