When the United Airlines plane landed at Heathrow Airport, London, a 40-year-old Briton was immediately arrested on January 31. The police immediately boarded the plane which was coming from Newark, New Jersey. The 40-year-old is suspected of forcing a British woman, also 40, to have sex while everyone was asleep. Distraught, the victim reported the attack to the cabin crew. The crew radioed the police.

The rape allegedly took place in a luxury cabin of the plane that the police took care to search thoroughly as part of their investigation. The 40-year-old suspect has meanwhile been taken into custody at Heathrow Police Station. Before being released on bail, “his fingerprints, mug shot and a saliva sample for DNA analysis were taken,” according to The Sun. The British victim of the rape was also taken care of in a support room for rape victims, and questioned by specialized agents.

The alleged rapist and his victim were seen having a drink together

The two passengers did not know each other. They were both traveling in business class, but were in separate rows. However, a source told The Sun they were seen chatting and drinking together. “The two parties apparently did not know each other before the robbery, but were seen talking and drinking before and during the robbery,” the source said before continuing, “She claims he then raped and would have been very upset.” “Sexual assaults on airplanes are rare, but they would not stop increasing in the United States,” reports The Sun.

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