What could have been a tragic accident ends, fortunately, in a viral video that will surely make many laugh. The story takes place in the state of Connecticut, in Ashford, and is told by a mother, Logan Kelsey MacNamara. The latter was surprised by the cries of her 5-year-old granddaughter, Rylee, who was suddenly attacked… by a raccoon. While the child was on the doorstep, a raccoon rushed towards her and grabbed her leg without wanting to let go. Thanks to a surveillance camera, the whole scene could be filmed, and quickly went viral on social networks.

Logan Kelsey MacNamara, however, wanted to tell this misadventure on Facebook, in a post where she underlines the courage of her granddaughter, Rylee. It must be said that, although in panic in front of the animal, the child tried to get rid of it by shaking his leg as much as possible, in vain. It was therefore his cries that alerted his mother, who ran to his aid. After grabbing the raccoon by the neck, Logan Kelsey MacNamara rushed her daughter into the house to safety. She then managed to swing the animal into her garden. More fear than harm therefore, even for the raccoon who quickly got up to leave.

Raccoons can transmit rabies

As she explains in the Facebook post, Logan Kelsey MacNamara and her daughter then rushed to the doctor to make sure the raccoon didn’t carry rabies. After watching the video, a wildlife specialist pointed out the good reflexes of the mother who avoided being bitten by grabbing the animal by the neck and pulling her daughter to safety.

A raccoon goes after his 5-year-old daughter, she gives her a memorable beating

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