At 53, Naomi Watts wants to fight once and for all against the prejudices associated with menopause. On Instagram, it is in the caption of a snapshot where she appears natural that the actress wanted to address this subject, still taboo today. For starters, the pretty blonde said, “The word menopause scares you? For me it did. But why? It’s just a natural phase of life and something that will directly affect half of the population. and the other half will feel it indirectly (so please stick around…even guys!) When I was in my late thirties, I was finally ready to start thinking about start a family. Then menopause blew it all up, it felt like a head-on collision with a truck.”

Candidly, Naomi Watts wrote, “How could I understand this when no one was talking? I was hit with menopause earlier than my peers. My mentors and mum didn’t seem willing to discuss it, I didn’t know how to ask for help and they didn’t know how to give it to me…even the doctors had little to say It’s strangely like an unwritten code of silence: women should accept it and s get out of it, because that’s how past generations have done it.” Believing it was time for women in this phase of life to be well represented, the actress added, “When you bring uncomfortable conversations to light, they become easier. Progress is being made. Why is this one in particular has taken so long? Let’s conquer the stigma and fight the secrecy and shame we’ve felt and help create a healthier foundation for future generations.”

Naomi Watts: “We need to support each other”

Concluding on the subject, the actress added, “Getting older is a privilege and a time for us to feel proud of our accumulated experiences – to feel empowered, unapologetically. I think being part of a generation of agents of change is exciting. No need to go through this alone.” In January 2020, the star had already mentioned menopause in the columns of The Times magazine. “Society has made it a shame and we need to support each other. Let us not be made to feel unattractive, unfertile, like grumpy old women who should be taken out of circulation” , she had explained before slipping: “We have precisely the wisdom and the compassion which far exceed the arrogance of youth. But that comes with mood swings and floods of tears on the edges.

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