A funny incident to say the least. On Wednesday July 13 in the United Kingdom, a 74-year-old former priest was found guilty of indecent exposure after being caught in the middle of a sexual act with … a vacuum cleaner. In September 2020, while officiating at Middleton Cheney Baptist Church, John Jeffs was in his office, “between two dark chairs, inside a ‘Henry’ vacuum cleaner”, when he was surprised by a faithful passing through for a conference on Asperger’s syndrome. The septuagenarian, who was naked except for women’s stockings, would then have continued his act until satisfaction.

If this affair makes so much noise, it is because the vacuum cleaner chosen by the man of the church is not just any. This is Henry, a small vacuum cleaner from the NUMATIC brand known for its personifying design. Each vacuum cleaner features a smiley face and the hose is placed at nose level.

Priest on sex offender registry

Tried by the Northampton Magistrates’ Court, the clergyman admitted having masturbated in the religious building but pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, Alistair Evans, tried to justify his action by explaining that Jeffs was just recovering from the loss of his wife and suffered from diabetes for which he was not taking medication.

This Wednesday, July 13, Northampton Magistrates’ Court sentenced the septuagenarian to 18 months of community service and a fine of £1,045 (£845 in legal costs and £200 in damages paid to the witness of the stage). The man was also placed on the sex offender registry.

A priest caught in the act of having sex with an unlikely object

A Henry vacuum cleaner © numatic.fr

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