An ongoing investigation. The facts took place on January 28 around 8:55 p.m. The body of a young 28-year-old graphic designer was found at the Parisian home of her spouse, who is the main suspect. The alleged killer is a 29-year-old police officer. “Following the report of a police officer who had not taken up his service at Blanc-Mesnil, Seine-Saint-Denis, the police went to an apartment in the 19th arrondissement”, first indicated a source close to the investigation. “On the spot, they discovered the body of a woman whose circumstances of death are unknown at this stage. The policeman is sought”, had specified this same person. Indeed, it was police officers from the 19th arrondissement who discovered the body of the victim. they had gone to the home of Arnaud B, after having been alerted by their colleagues from Blanc-Mesnil, in Seine-Saint-Denis. The reason ? They were worried not to hear from him when he was supposed to take his service this Friday, January 28, at the beginning of the afternoon. “He had contacted his service to say that he would not come. But then he no longer answered the calls”, can we read. To date, Arnaud B is still wanted by the police.

Atrocious facts. When the police went to the home of the alleged murderer, they made a gruesome discovery in the bathroom since the body of the young woman, aged 28, was in the bathtub. Beside him, several bottles of alcohol were discovered on the bed and on the windowsill. Quickly, an investigation for “intentional homicide on a partner” was opened. According to the police, Arnaud B could have fled at the wheel of his personal car, a white Peugeot 208. He could also be armed since his service weapon was not found either at his home or at the police station. At the start of the investigation, the medical examiner said he was unable to comment on the causes of the death of the young woman. Subsequently, the autopsy revealed that she had died of strangulation. Moreover, this is not the first time that the police had been called to his home. In June 2020, it was the suspect who had “requested the intervention of the police for a dispute with his partner who was allegedly violent with him. He had a swollen face”, explained a police source. A murder taken very seriously. “We are doing everything to find this man who is dangerous because we must never underestimate the dangerousness of the perpetrators of domestic violence,” said Elisabeth Moreno, Minister Delegate for Equality between Women. and men.

Arnaud B: who is the alleged attacker?

Arnaud B had been a police officer since 2012 and he had been placed in police custody in October 2019 for “violence on his companion at the time. He had thus been sentenced to an alternative to prosecution for domestic violence”, explained a source policewoman. Subsequently, it was clarified that he had “been the subject of a summons for a training course to raise awareness of domestic violence”, we can read. Administratively, he had been sanctioned with a warning, a “disciplinary sanction of the first group, the lowest in the public service, and is not the subject of any mention in the agent’s file”. While the investigation has only just begun, the policeman is still actively sought.

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