It all started in Oxford, Mississippi, around August 2018 when a young mother of 4 in financial difficulty saw a widowed police officer. Dominique Clayton, a 32 year old young woman who had to take care of her 4 children alone, all of whom are under 14 years old. She meets Matthew Kinne, an officer on the Oxford Police Mounted Patrol Team. The latter was married and is the widower of a first woman with whom he had children.

According to what the Mirror reports, Dominique Clayton and Matthew Kinne saw each other in hiding for sex. At the same time, Kinne was helping Dominique financially. “He’s helping her buy a car and there is talk of helping pay her rent and helping her buy a house,” according to Mirror. However, according to her friends, Dominique was pregnant and was afraid to tell her lover, because the latter does not want his wife to find out about their story.

The policeman puts a bullet in the head of his mistress in her sleep

On the Saturday evening of May 18, 2019, Dominique was home alone after driving home. That night Kinne was on patrol and the young mother asked her to drop her off at her car. By the early morning hours of May 19, Kinne had finished his patrol. Before going to Dominique’s, he left his phone in a barn used to keep the police horses.

He went to her house, taking care to park in a corner of the street. Kinne sees his mistress asleep in her bed and returns to take his service weapon from the car before returning to lodge a bullet in her head. According to Mirror, Kinne left Dominique for dead then “and went back to the barn to get her phone and texted her at 2:20 am”. In court, the officer first pleaded not guilty before confessing everything. His lawyer maintains that it is a crime of passion and adds that “He has come to a point where he could not get out of it. He wanted to get his life back.”

Matthew Kinne © AP

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