The visit from beyond! It was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, that this far from normal scene took place. Indeed, the video surveillance of the Sanatorium Finochietto hospital clearly shows a security guard welcoming a patient before showing her the way to the doctor’s office for her appointment. Except that this patient died the day before! According to the Mirror, only the security guard was able to see the patient. Reason why he would have directed him to the doctor’s office.

It wasn’t until a few hours later that he discovered the pink post. Indeed, this same security guard wondered where the patient had gone. It was there that the frightened doctors told him that the only patient with the name he had presented had died the day before. In the video, the security guard can clearly be seen getting up from his chair while holding a clipboard. Appearing to be chatting with someone, he scribbled in his notes before giving directions to someone when no one was there. “He can be seen allowing the ‘patient’ to enter the lobby before isolating the area again,” says Mirror.

He offered a wheelchair to an elderly woman

In the 37-second video, the security guard can be seen offering a wheelchair to the visitor who decided to walk to the doctor’s office. According to local media, the official claims to have seen an elderly woman who had asked to see a doctor at 3:36 a.m. on November 11. After the footage went viral, local media quickly revised their stories saying it was a joke perpetrated by the security guard.

A patient dies in the hospital, the next day's CCTV sends shivers down your spine

Patient dies in hospital, CCTV the next day sends chills down the spine © Pexels

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