Ambre Dol has finally spoken publicly. A few months after announcing her break-up with her husband, Alexandre Dol, the former figure of the program Families and Many spoke during a long story on her Instagram account. “There have been big changes in our lives, the bilateral pneumonia was not the only reason for our absence. Many of you have understood this, Alexandre and I have decided to take a different path”, she had admitted in November 2022 to formalize his separation.

Since then, the young mother at the head of a tribe of five children had not spoken to give more details about her new daily life. But this Sunday, February 5, Ambre Dol decided to break the silence to keep its many subscribers informed. And they learned very good news: “I won’t know how to explain it… My heartbeat resonates and punctuates my new life with this force called love, especially that of my children, of my family and friends.”

Ambre Dol: “My soul is even more alive than before”

It must be said that this mother of a large family had to rely on her great strength of character to start her new life as a single woman. And it suits him very well. However, Ambre Dol assured that her breakup will always leave an indelible mark on her. “A part of my heart has gone out and will never come back on… Yet the beating continues and shows me day after day that I exist and that my soul is even more alive than before!”. It’s up to her to chart her new path, which we hope will be as bright as possible.

"A part of him...": Ambre Dol painfully sincere after his separation

Ambre Dol – Large families © Instagram screenshot

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