The doctors told him the worst news of his life. A 27-year-old mum named Emma Brazier was completely taken aback by her son’s illness, craniosynostosis. If you’ve never heard of this term, it’s completely normal: it’s an extremely rare condition that occurs when the bones of the skull fuse together. Totally disappointed by the anomaly suffered by her one-year-old boy, Emma Brazier had no choice but to talk to the press about it, to tell her extraordinary story.

Her little boy must have his skull removed, meaning that the surgeons must remove several bones from him, because he risks going blind in a few years. The operation will be extremely complicated and painful, but mandatory so that the toddler can live properly until the end of his life. If little Lucas doesn’t have the surgery he desperately needs to remove part of his skull, he could have seizures and go blind. Terrible news for any mom.

The little boy will have more than half of his skull removed

Although the disease was not officially diagnosed until nine months after his birth, in December 2021, parents insisted that Lucas undergo surgery when he was 18 months old. Mum, Emma Brazier, 27, and dad, Jordan Carter, 29, both from the small English town of Barnsley, have revealed that surgeons will reshape the shape of their son’s head by removing two-thirds of his skull. “I can’t imagine a mother not being worried that her child would have such a major operation on such a vital part of his body, very close to the main organ of his body,” said the mom.

Over the next six months, Lucas will undergo a life-changing operation – called total calvarial remodeling – in which surgeons will make an incision on the top of Lucas’ head, from ear to ear. This will allow them to remove the skin and soft tissue from his forehead to expose the skull. Emma explains: “The surgeon will then remove two-thirds of the front part of the skull and reshape it by cutting and trimming the bone to give it a more normal shape.” Let’s hope that the operation goes well and that the little boy can have a life… more or less normal.

A one-year-old baby on borrowed time, forced to undergo a spectacular and frightening operation

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