A nice story ! Metal digger finds wildly symbolic century-old family gem

We are in March 2020. André Lang, a well-known metal researcher from his village of Oberlarg, in the Haut-Rhin, goes as almost every morning in nature in order to unearth great finds. And that day, his detector goes wild in a field in his small town.

The Alsatian bends down to pick up … an engagement ring. But not just any. This belonged to a German soldier during the First World War. Two inscriptions are adorned on the gold wedding ring. A name: Bertha Pastari. And a date: 03.05.1897.

“I wanted to know who owned this ring”

Intrigued by this object which seems of great sentimental value, the 55-year-old man decides not to stop there: “This is the first time that I have come across such an object. I found medals and coins. change. But this ring, I wanted to know who it belonged to. ” Helped by a computer-savvy friend, he is “put on a track in Germany”. André Lang then begins his investigation as soon as the confinement is over.

He took over the management of Baden-Württemberg, a German region where an employee of the town hall gave him access to a register. Helped by a local journalist, the two investigators call each person likely to be a descendant of this famous Bertha Pastari, or of her fiancé. After a few hundred phone calls, bingo!

The engagement ring belonged to a certain Leopold Baumgarter, a German soldier stationed at the Lucelle border post during the First World War. Last I heard, André Lang is awaiting the visit of the latter’s grandson in order to return his family jewel to him. The beautiful story is therefore about to end.

A strange discovery © Pexels

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