Elizabeth Catlin, a 32-year-old mother from Swadlincote, Derbyshire is so keen to have breast reduction surgery. Since she was 10 years old, her breasts have continued to grow. Because of her growing breasts, she cannot live normally, and what breaks her heart is that she is having trouble breastfeeding her daughter Willow. She said: “My breasts are so big they completely covered Willow’s face and she would have suffocated underneath.” Also, Catlin’s breasts hurt in many situations such as when she is sleeping on her back or when just being touched.

Due to the enormous weight of her breasts, Catlin suffers from severe back pain which prevents her from playing with her child. Moreover, it is impossible for her to do the right thing with her little girl. She explained that she has to carry her daughter above her breasts because she cannot carry her on her hips, her breasts get in the way. “I can’t even hug her properly, she has to be above my breasts to be able to hug me back,” she added.

Her breasts don’t stop growing even though she is losing weight

People’s judgment, her difficulty in finding a suitable bra, the physical aches … lead Catlin to ask for breast reduction. His request has been repeatedly denied by NHS doctors according to The Sun. Doctors advised him to simply lose weight. But even while losing weight, Catlin’s breasts continue to grow. Regarding this, she explained, “My weight fluctuates, like most women, but my breasts have kept growing. I went from 13 kilos 34G to 10 kilos 34H – they continued to gain weight despite my loss. weight.”

Elizabeth Catlin © The Sun

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