Every year, families find themselves faced with the same dilemma. How to celebrate Christmas? For many, dinner is an opportunity to bring the whole family together for a grander meal than usual.

Nevertheless, some, tired of cooking for a large table, prefer to gather at the restaurant and leave it to a chef to concoct the ideal meal for them. For a mother, on the other hand, Christmas will be very original this year.

Celebrate Christmas differently

Speaking anonymously to the Mumsnet site, a mum revealed that she was not worried about Christmas dinner but rather how her decision would be perceived. Living abroad with her husband and four-year-old daughter, the little family will not be traveling to the UK this year to reunite with their loved ones. Christmas will therefore be at home, as a trio. Wanting all the same to “mark the occasion”, she had a rather… unique idea.

Break the codes

“We don’t like Christmas dinner that much,” she wrote. “How bad would it be if we went by McDonald’s and ate the whole thing on the beach? she added. Regarding the meal on Christmas Eve, the little family has planned to prepare a buffet made up of all their favorite dishes. In the morning, chocolates, cheeses, biscuits, will await them in addition to the traditional breakfast. These burgers would therefore only be a “plus”.

A decried program

Very tempted by her plan, the mother nevertheless fears that her program will not be unanimous among their relatives. “I feel like if we did, we should keep it a secret and not tell our families who would be outraged,” she noted. “Would it be so wrong to do that?” she asked the other parents present on the site. In the comments, most parents agreed there was no wrong choice and she didn’t have to justify herself.

Follow his desire

“It’s your Christmas dinner, not mine,” wrote one person. A second noted “You’re adults, you don’t have to keep your dinner a secret, likewise, I don’t know why you think you should tell anyone.” Responding to these messages, the mom clarified “I mean my mom will probably ask me if I make turkey or beef, etc. “. But, once again, the other parents tried to comfort her in her project. ” Go for it. This is the day when we do what we want and ignore the so-called tradition when it comes to food! We take a curry with friends. In recent years, the family has joined us and really enjoyed it! concluded a last person.

A mother wants to eat fast food for Christmas but fears the reaction of her relatives


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