Celebrating your child’s first birthday is an unforgettable moment. A time of celebration where we want to bring together all close people, family and friends, in order to share this important passage together.

Like many parents, Janeth Zapata has carefully prepared the first birthday of her granddaughter, Lilith Alexa. Enthusiastic about her preparations, the young mother wanted to share a few moments with her community on TikTok. But the feedback from its subscribers has been surprising…

A surprising decor

For this very first birthday party, Janeth Zapata wanted to organize a special celebration. Thinking that a traditional party with colorful balloons and streamers would not be enough, the young mother thought of offering Lilith Alexa a themed party. Opting for black balloons, adorning the cake with a pentagram, and dressing Lilith in black, Janeth placed her baby girl alongside a piñata resembling Baphomet, a goat-headed deity used in satanic rituals. A surprising choice for many parents who were quick to react strongly when the young mother shared a video of this celebration on TikTok.

A satanic ceremony

Racking up over 2.3 million views, Janeth’s video showed little Lilith dressed in black alongside the horned demon, eating her occult-symbolic birthday cake. In caption, Janeth noted “Rumor has it I have the best outfit for my first birthday”. Immediately, a subscriber wrote, “I don’t think it’s a party or a color for a little girl. I really don’t know what crossed the mother’s mind,” while a second person noted, “It wasn’t a birthday party, it was a sacrifice. A third added “With the demons included” while a fourth commented “Without judgment, do you know what your baby’s name means? “. Other people explained that the first name Lilith referred to a demonic female figure in Jewish tradition and called on Janeth to confess her attachment to Satanism. Allegations to which the young mother ended up responding “I see that there are many lies about my daughter’s party. First, we are not satanic. Second, there were guests. Third, there was nothing satanic about the party. Fourth, the piñata is not Satan or the devil, it is Baphomet. Fifth, the pentagram is not inverted because it is not satanic,” she wrote in justification.

A mother shocks by organizing a satanic birthday for her daughter with the demonic name


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