A mother scandalized by the naughty noises of her daughter’s toy

A few days ago, an American mother started a petition on the Change.org site. The latter concerns a doll inspired by the cartoon of the Trolls, which bears the effigy of the character of Princess Poppy. Jessica McManis of her name bought it for the birthday of her little girl aged only two and protests against the toy. According to her, it produces sounds with a sexual connotation when the child presses a button placed at the level of his panties.

She therefore showed it to her husband, so that he could make the same observation as her. “Our society conditions our children to think that pedophilia is not a problem,” she writes, outraged. “The ‘Troll World’ doll named Poppy has a button on her privacy area below her skirt (…) when pressed, she laughs and gasps. This is not normal for a child’s toy. “, launches the mother, completely stunned by the fact that such an object can be marketed. “It should be withdrawn from the sale”, she believes, before specifying that innocent children could have the impression that “it is fun when someone touches their private zone”. Jessica McManis also filmed a video to present the object and clarify that nothing is mentioned on its packaging concerning the famous button.

Is @Hasbro normalizing grooming & facilitating child abuse? pic.twitter.com/Q258vsGqcC

– Sam Parker (@SamParkerSenate) August 5, 2020

A brand that has apologized

Politician Sam Parker shared the video on his Twitter account on August 9, 2020, also shocked by the toy. The mother’s petition has already been signed by more than 479,000 people. Interviewed by the American daily The Providence Journal, the spokesperson for the toy manufacturer sent her apologies to parents. “This feature was designed to react when the doll is seated, but it is recognized that the location of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate. It was not intentional,” she said.

A mother scandalized by the naughty noises of her daughter’s toy © Twitter screenshot

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