Mandy Allwood is a name that made history. After all, 26 years ago she made headlines around the world. At that time, Mandy Allwood announced that she was expecting octuplets. This will not be the only news that will mark since a few weeks later, she will also announce the death of her 8 children. Indeed, 26 years ago, Mandy Allwood gave birth to 6 boys and 2 girls at 24 weeks. The work was done for 3 days and 3 nights. Unfortunately, no baby survived. The grief over this loss was shared by the whole world. Besides, Mandy Allwood was personally comforted by Princess Diana.

This tragic event changed Mandy Allwood forever. She did have 3 children afterwards, but the trauma of losing her octuplets followed her throughout her life. She even had phantom pregnancies where she hallucinated and said she could still feel her babies kicking. There followed a veritable descent into hell since she separated from her partner, Paul Hudson, to turn to alcohol. Recall that Mandy was arrested in 2007 for drunk driving with a blood alcohol level 3 times the legal limit with her children inside the car. Subsequently, Mandy Allwood lost custody of her children and she became estranged from her family.

No one attended his cremation

Mandy Allwood was cremated the week of February 4, 2022, according to The Sun. Only, no one had attended the ceremony financed by its municipal council. Moreover, his close family made no comment, but still confirmed to The Sun their absence during this ceremony.

Mark Beard, Mandy’s friend, told The Sun: ‘She had surgery before Christmas but she told us recently the cancer had come back. I don’t know what type of cancer it was’ . Mark Beard is the owner of the Yard of Ale pub in Stratford-upon-Avon where Mandy used to come twice a week.

Mandy Allwood © The Sun

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