In Oklahoma, United States, a woman is reported missing. She was looking for her son and a friend of his. Dwayne Selby, 59, and Jack Grimes, 76, were last seen on October 22. The pair were scheduled to attend a horse show in Fort Worth, Texas, but according to KOKI, they never arrived.

While they had no more news from them, the respective families of the two men decided to report their disappearance. But Dwayne Selby’s mother Glenda “Cookie” Parton, 80, decided to investigate on her own in order to find them.

On October 25, the retiree was filmed in Turley by a CCTV camera in the company of an unknown man. This individual was then located by the police and questioned. Authorities have yet to reveal his identity and what his relationship was to the mother. On October 26, the woman’s vehicle was found on the side of a road in Tulsa.

Human remains found by the police

But a few days later, the case took a much more worrying turn. This Sunday, October 31, the police announced that they had discovered human remains in a wooded area of ​​Turley. She then confirmed that these remains belong to Jack Grimes, and that it is a homicide. “We are now looking for the same area in order to find new additional victims,” ​​the authorities explained. They also contemplate the trail of a criminal act in the disappearances of Glenda Parton and her son Dwayne Selby.

Disappearance © pexels

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