Rachel Holland has decided to believe the stars. In November 2021, this mother did not know it yet, but she saw her son, Alex, for the last time. On the way to work, this father of two children disappeared. Very quickly, his mother notified the police with an idea in her mind of what had happened to her child. “I said this to the police from day one: I knew he had been dragged out of his car and taken to another vehicle to be killed, she said. The police never told me They wouldn’t listen to a word I said.” A search warrant was issued on November 28, 2021, but investigators have failed to find the body of Alex Holland. One day, she was contacted by Mary Lawton Johnson, a psychic from Florida.

The one who calls herself “Psychic Mary” in the middle sent emails and letters to Rachel Holland to explain to her where the body of her son was: in a pond near their home. The body of Alex Holland, a 27-year-old delivery driver, was spotted by a dog walker last February. His corpse was face down in the water just a few miles from his home in Hacklinge, Kent, England. An investigation has been opened and an autopsy carried out, without the exact cause of death of the father of two children being able to be revealed. There was no evidence that it was a suicide or that violence was used.

The death of Alex Holland remains unexplained

Rachel Holland and her family are convinced that Alex was murdered. “It will never be over for me because I have lost my son forever. I am happy that this is an open verdict because it can be reviewed at any time, she explained. I just feel lost. I honestly believe my son was murdered. He was found in the water but with no water in his lungs. So I believe he was already dead when he was put in.” A post-mortem examination classified the death of the young man, who had been living with his parents since his separation, as unknown. A toxicology test revealed small amounts of alcohol and cocaine in his system.

A mother finds her son thanks to a psychic © Pexels


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