An Israeli woman, eight months pregnant, discovered during a routine examination that she was carrying another couple’s child. This woman had undergone in vitro fertilization at Assuta Hospital in Rishon Lezion, a city south of Tel Aviv. During the examination, the doctors realized that the fetus had no genetic link with the patient or with her partner. The doctors inseminated him with an embryo that was not his.

On the day of this woman’s artificial insemination, about forty couples had the same procedure. This hospital is however specialized in these inseminations because it practices 50% of in vitro fertilizations in the country. Genetic tests on the other couples are to be carried out as part of an investigation by the commission created by the Ministry of Health.

“The case in question in Rishon Lezion was reviewed last night. Experienced doctors were mobilized, and the case was immediately forwarded to the Ministry of Health,” Assuta management said.

A rare incident

To determine the origin of the fetus and try to discover if the embryo of this couple was inseminated to another woman, the research will focus on all cases of people treated on the day the woman’s eggs were retrieved, fertilized, frozen and thawed. “When thawing embryos, two people must be present. You have to check the names, unfortunately the error is human. And this error is serious”, explained to Haaretz professor Cyrille Cohen. Of the 400,000 babies born by in vitro fertilization since 1982, this error remains very rare. In November 2021, a couple filed a complaint in the United States after an embryo exchange. The two families were finally able to get their child back.

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