On December 16, a young British girl gave birth to a baby called a “mermaid”. The child emerged from his mother’s womb while still without his amniotic pouch.

Only one in 80,000 births happens this way. On December 16, midwives at Ormskirk Hospital in the UK watched with wonder the birth of a so-called “mermaid” baby. His mother, Jennifer Petrie, gave birth to her son while the son was still in his amniotic pouch. “Long story short, I have never lost my water,” the young mother told the Liverpool Echo. “The amniotic sac from which water comes out when labor begins has never pierced, which is rather rare. was born, he was still in the balloon. It was like he was born in a water balloon. ”

Supported by a team of midwives, the new mother gave birth in a birthing pool. “The bag only broke when it was taken out of the water. The midwives were amazed because it is rare to see such a birth during her career. It is something very singular. . They were like ‘Oh my God, this is amazing!’. ”

“It made the birth even more magical”

On average, one in 80,000 babies is born in their amniotic pouch. So this is a very rare phenomenon that the parents of little Rio Petrie Martins see today as a sign of good fortune. “It’s as if it made the birth even more magical since everyone was in awe of what was happening,” says Jennifer Petrie. It was amazing. This is our first child so it was all the more magical and exciting. It was awesome. ” Barely a week old, little Rio is doing very well, as is his mom.


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