A mechanic receives his salary of 800 euros in 1 cent coins in front of his house

The world of work can be unforgiving at times and Andreas Flaten learned it the hard way. Until last November, they worked in an auto garage in the state of Georgia, in the southern United States. His relationship with his boss Miles Walker being very complicated, he decides to leave. Three months later, he still has not received his final salary, which amounts to just under 800 euros ($ 915). He then decides to send a letter to his former employer to claim what is owed to him. Miles Walker being reluctant to pay him the agreed sum, he threatens him to hire a lawyer and bring the case to justice.

Andreas Flaten will then receive his pay, but not as he had imagined. One day, he finds in front of his house a huge pile of 1 cent coins bathed in a kind of oil with a word that says only: “Go fuck yourself ….”. After counting, Andreas finds that there is indeed the entire sum that his boss owed him. Olivia, Andreas’ girlfriend, told the whole story on Instagram: “I don’t know what’s worse about this man being so miserable he can’t accept an employee leaving because of his behavior or the fact that he made so much effort to collect 800 euros in very heavy coins just to say go fuck you … “.

He got paid, that’s all that matters

She also specifies that Andreas had nevertheless resigned in the rules, he had sent a letter to explain it and had returned his uniform. Olivia and Andreas therefore set about washing the coins and counting them, in order to be able to cash them. Contacted by the American site CBS46, Miles Walker did not mince his words: “I do not know if I deposited these parts, I do not really remember them. Anyway, it does not matter, he was paid is all that matters “. He then insulted his former employee, accused reporters of giving him a platform to speak out and then urged them to leave his property.

He receives his salary in 1 cent coins © Olivia Oxley Instagram

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