A man lost his penis after a serious infection: “He fell to the ground”

It is a story to say the least surprising that The Sun related this Thursday, July 30, 2020. Six years ago, a certain Malcolm MacDonald was the victim of a serious infection of the perineum. After a while, it spread to his fingers and toes. The latter then took on a black tint and his penis also lost its natural pink hue. “It was like a horror film, I was in total panic. I knew I was going to lose him. And one day, he fell to the ground”, explains this father to our Anglo-Saxon colleagues.

His first instinct was then to pick up his phallus and keep it in a jar. “I was in the hospital and they told me the best they could do for me was to roll what was left of it like a sausage. It broke my heart,” says Malcolm MacDonald. Forced to live without his penis, he then drowned his grief in alcohol. “I couldn’t see anyone anymore. I just couldn’t accept it,” he explained. His depression lasted for two years, until he learned of the existence of “bionic penises”. “It was a ray of hope”, launches the one who therefore opted for this solution in order to compensate for the loss of his own phallus. “I wasn’t worried about the procedure because I saw what Dr David Ralph and his team could do. Not having a penis has been horrible. It’s the biggest fear of most men. It was not so much a question of sex, because I already had two beautiful children. But I did not have any more confidence in myself, developed Malcolm MacDonald.

A twice postponed operation

As a result of the operation, he was able to once again have a man’s penis (with a length of five centimeters more than the original, according to his wishes), but implanted on his arm for reasons of quality of the skin. He can thus have mechanical erections. “I was so proud when I saw him on my arm for the first time. It’s like I’m a new man,” says Malcolm MacDonald, who even went so far as to give him a little name, Jimmy’s. To get a penis again, he still had to pay £ 50,000. Fortunately for him, a refund was possible since the operation was not only cosmetic. He could no longer urinate normally. In 2018, a new surgery was planned to move his bionic penis to the level of the perineum. The 40-year-old was ill, so another appointment was then made last April. The health crisis linked to the coronavirus made the operation impossible. Now, it should take place at the end of 2020, if all goes as planned.

Man lost his penis after severe infection: “He fell to the ground” © Image by Darko Djurin from Pixabay

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