The frontier of reality lies, according to Donald Bromley and a few other American citizens, in Redgate, Montana. The hunter believes in fact that Redgate is a particularly sensitive area conducive to paranormal events and other extraterrestrial appearances. He also thinks he has proof of this since, according to the Sun, it is thanks to the device he uses when he goes hunting that he managed to take images of a silhouette with a head. bulbous. In these images, we can see a rather fuzzy gray humanoid silhouette walking in a field. Obviously Donald Bromley’s first thought was to simply believe in a human presence …

Still according to the Sun, the more the hunter observed his images, the more he was convinced that it was not, however, a human in this photo, but an alien with a large head. Redgate would indeed be a strategic location where UFO appearances and paranormal events would often take place. According to local KXLF media, Donald Bromley even gave a description of what he thought he saw. “The more I looked and the more weird it seemed to me and I found that a lot of things looked like an alien. The big bulbous head, the lack of clothes … it’s a kind of transparent being” he said. Explain.

Who is actually in the photo?

And if the hunter believes in it so much, it is because several inhabitants of the region have already witnessed unexplained phenomena, “really bizarre objects” that they have seen crossing the sky or appearing mysteriously. The folklore of the region does not revolve around UFOs since it is said that a man who lives in the vicinity would have repainted his entire portal with the blood of members of his family that he would have brutally killed. In order to document all these quirks, one man is even getting ready to make a documentary about the unexplained incidents taking place at Redgate. Enough to encourage the most optimistic to keep looking up in the air in search of a possible flying saucer.

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