Everyone does their best on a daily basis, but some are capable of many things to achieve their goal. Moreover, the scam is often the way taken by many people to be able to have a better comfort. This is the path that this inhabitant of the canton of Lucerne, in Switzerland, has chosen to follow. Indeed, this sexagenarian wanted to benefit from administrative flexibility in order to override the vigilance of public aid. This individual has changed sex in the civil status. This in order to be able to benefit from his retirement pension a year earlier, according to Luzerner Zeitung.

It was at the beginning of January that he took all the steps to no longer be considered a man by the administration. This would allow him to receive old age and survivors’ insurance (AVS) a year in advance. Indeed, in Switzerland, this retirement pension is paid from the age of 65 for men against 64 for women.

The streamlining of the procedure has facilitated abuses

The sex change procedure in the Swiss civil registry was greatly simplified on January 1, 2022. Something that this sexagenarian really knew how to take advantage of. It should be noted that in Switzerland, changing sex in the civil registry now only requires 75 Swiss francs accompanied by a 10-minute interview. The purpose of this interview with a civil registrar is to determine the applicants’ capacity for discernment.

Of course, certain fears concerning possible abuses have been raised following this relaxation of the procedure. The fears go especially in the direction of the men who would seek to avoid the military service. Only, the Swiss government does not want to be accused of transphobia. Reason for which he invited the civil status officers not to dig too much on these abuses, according to the Swiss version of 20 Minutes.

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