The “perfect” Saint Bernard in this South African family nearly ripped the face off their one-year-old daughter Mené. After the attack, Lizanne Naudé’s granddaughter, 32, is left with a torn upper lip down to her nose and a deep gash in her neck. Lizanne, the mother of Mené and Lihan, says she does not understand the behavior of the dog who savagely attacked her daughter in a fit of aggression without apparent cause when “he had been perfect with the children”. “He was well trained and we had never had any problems with him”, explains the mother of the family still traumatized by this incident which took place on August 21, 2021.

At their home in Johannesburg, Mené was sitting in the kitchen while her father Jaco cooked dinner when the dog suddenly attacked her. Lizanne heard the horrified screams of her daughter as well as those of her husband and 4-year-old son Lihan. She had run inside to find her bloodied one-year-old daughter with blood pouring from her face and neck. While she was doing everything to instinctively reassure her little girl, Lizanne was able to closely observe the extent of the damage. “Her lip was completely torn and she had a huge wound near her neck – it’s unbelievable that she didn’t hit a major artery,” she told The Sun.

The whole family is traumatized by the dog’s savage attack

The dog had to be put down. The day after the attack, he also attacked Jaco, Mené’s father, while he was on board. This terrifying experience still causes nightmares for the girl’s parents. As for the latter, her wounds are healed but this attack prevented her from speaking properly when she could already say a few words before the accident. Mené’s mum said her baby girl’s operation involved skin grafts and facial surgery. The family dreaded to see what was behind the bandages.

Little Mené © The Sun

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