It is a terrible discovery made by the police officers of Louviers. In this town in Eure, they went to a house on rue Pierre Corneille after a fire followed by an explosion at the end of the day on November 18. Inside this building, the investigators found the lifeless bodies of an ex-couple in their sixties. “The investigations carried out since last Friday allow us to affirm with certainty that it is a feminicide followed by a suicide”, announced, on November 24, the public prosecutor of Évreux, Rémi Coutin. According to the autopsy performed on the 60-year-old woman’s body, she “did not die from the fumes” and had “a TV antenna-type cord around her neck.” According to him, “the husband would have set fire to the pavilion and died of asphyxiation linked to the inhalation of smoke”.

Parents of four adult children, this couple was in full separation. According to Actu, their divorce was pronounced on November 7 at a hearing. “When we question the relatives, the children, the brothers and sisters, it appears that Mr. lived very badly this divorce procedure”, in particular its financial consequences “on who was going to keep the house”, explained the magistrate during a press conference. According to Rémi Coutin, “the couple had been getting along badly for several years, but no violence had been reported” and the 67-year-old man “sent an SMS to a cousin very shortly before killing his wife to say goodbye and say that he wants to be buried in his native village”, in Algeria.

The man was “obsessed with money”

“From December 1, I can find myself on the street. And Madam, she will be enthroned like a queen with my money […] Ask the village to bury me on my land. I kiss you very much . I also want my family S. to be present at my funeral”, he wrote in this final text message, according to Actu. “They had four children who were heard. Several said that their father was obsessed with money, added the public prosecutor of Evreux. (…) This is unfortunately the fairly classic case of the feminicide, which occurs at the time of separation, or when the woman announces that she wants to end the common life. After the death of the man, the investigation into this first femicide of the year in Eure should quickly be closed.

A house explodes, the investigators make a terrible discovery there

Drama in Louviers © Pixabay

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