It is in Syracuse, north of New York, that this scene which shocked the United States takes place. A scene that even the Democratic Governor of New York State denounced as “a heartbreaking video to watch”, reports Le Parisien. In this video, which quickly went viral, we can see a police officer roughly taking away an 8-year-old black child. This because he had stolen a bag of crisps! Result: A wave of indignation on social networks and the triggering of an internal police procedure.

“As a mother, it was a heartbreaking video to watch,” said Kathy Hochul, Democratic Governor of New York State. The video has been viewed over 5 million times on a Twitter account. In particular, we see a policeman firmly holding the 8-year-old African-American child by the arms while he is in tears. Two other officers were also present on the video. You can clearly see the policeman holding the blue bag of crisps. “What are you doing,” can be heard from the man taking the video. “Guess!” the policeman then replies. “He steals a packet of crisps and you treat him like a criminal (…) if he stole crisps, I’ll pay it back,” the man said at the time.

“Officers have met with the child’s father and no charges have been filed”

On Tuesday, April 19, the Syracuse police issued an official statement in which they assure that “the minor suspected of theft was not handcuffed”. “He was placed in the back of a patrol unit and taken straight home,” the police spokesman added. “Officers have met with the child’s father and no charges have been filed,” police said.

A heartbreaking video to watch: an 8-year-old child manhandled by the police after a mistake © Pexels

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