Two sordid murders. In Scotland, a man was sentenced to life imprisonment with a 36-year security sentence for the murders of a woman and her 2-year-old daughter. Indeed, the individual met the mother on a dating application. He then asks her to come to his house. But then things went wrong. While he is playing hide and seek with the little girl, he will lock himself with her in the bathroom, before suffocating her. As for his mother, she was stabbed and beaten to death.

An investigation was then opened initially for worrying disappearance. Indeed, the individual made the investigators believe that the mother and the little girl had actually met someone else. But he will eventually crack, telling the police that he had buried the bodies in concrete under his kitchen. If he confessed to having committed these acts, he refuses premeditation. He also tried to pass himself off as irresponsible for his actions.

Victims found in concrete under killer’s kitchen

The man said he was on steroids during his act. He would have confused the mother and her daughter with two other women he had known in the past. But justice did not believe a single word. Especially since DNA samples were taken from the body of the two-year-old girl who revealed a possible sexual assault. “The jury’s guilty verdict for murder reassures our family and friends and brings justice to Bennylyn and Jellica”, commented, satisfied with the conviction, the family of the two victims, quoted by the BBC. “Bennylyn was “the hope and light of our family. This light has been cruelly extinguished.”

A game of hide and seek takes a dreadful turn, a mother and her little girl do not escape

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