The tiger didn’t just sink its long teeth into its trainer’s leg. He rushed on his back and tried to pierce his neck. The gruesome scene takes place live during a circus show in Lecce, Italy, December 29, 2022. Ivan Orfei, a 31-year-old highly talented trainer according to the circus management, howled in pain when one of the two tigers he tames on stage closes his jaws on his left leg.

Ivan Orfei tries to free himself while screaming in pain under the horrified gaze of the public. The 31-year-old trainer was only at the beginning of his altercation with the big cat. The tiger jumps onto his back and then tries to sink his teeth into his neck. The big feline, of which we do not know which fly stung it, did not manage to finish off Orfei. The Mirror recalls that this is the gesture that a predator would make when trying to finish off its prey in the wild.

He ends up in the hospital with nasty neck injuries.

A show assistant punches the tiger several times before convincing it to let go of its grip. The young trainer, whose attack by the tiger was filmed, was able to leave the scene not without difficulty. “Orfei was finally released when the show’s assistant hit the tiger with a prop long enough to allow him to limp away,” the Mirror article read. Quoting the Daily Star, The Mirror reveals that Ivan was rushed to the emergency department of Vito Fazzi Hospital. He certainly suffered deep injuries to his neck and leg, but his life is no longer in danger.

A frightening scene: a tamer attacked by a tiger under the horrified gaze of the public

Tiger © Pixabay

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